Golf-club-bashed Benz S63 AMG to Be Recalled in Technical Defects
Golf-club-bashed Benz S63 AMG to Be Recalled in Technical Defects
  • Teddi Kim
  • 승인 2015.10.24 08:13
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Benz S63 AMG, more buzzed with the happening of golf club smashing of the car, was confirmed of some defective engines and so destined to be recalled.


Mercedes Benz Korea has been arguing that the engine stall while driving is caused by exhaust pipe tuning, but the authority’s investigation has concluded the program errors of ECU.

The Korea Automobile Testing & Research Institute under Korea Transportation Safety Authority has performed a comprehensive investigation for Mercedes Benz S63 AMG on the order of a fact-finding on manufacturing faults from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport shortly after the happening of golf club bashing last September.

The institute affirming that the engine stoll on driving is a common fault occurring on all the cars of the same model, not a specific car, entered into an investigation into the engine system for verifying the defects.

A researcher at the institute said that “The software faults in the ECU caused the engine stalling while driving,” adding that “The explanatory documents submitted by Mercedes Benz Korea last 15th admitted such findings.”

The institute will finalize its findings by November this year on the defective Benz S63 AMG, and according to the investigation results a recall order will be decided.

The said Mercedes Benz S63 AMG was introduced into Korea at the second half of 2013, and around 600 units have been sold for the last two years.

In the meantime, Sinsung Motor, a Gwangju dealer of Mercedes Benz Korea, has agreed to exchange the damaged car with a new one to the owner of Benz S63 AMG at issue.

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