Toyota targets Korean Market in 2015
Toyota targets Korean Market in 2015
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[AutoDaily] Last year, Toyota has seen losses only in Korea and Vietnam.
In 2009, Toyota sold only Lexus brand in korea. The company had 11.8 billion gains. But Toyota brand put in 2010, they showed 9.7 billion losses in korea.
After that, 24.6 billion in 2011, 11.2 billion in 2012, they got into red for the third consecutive year.
The sales of Lexus increased 21% this year, however, Toyota brand sales decreased 27.3% (6445 units). They are in the loss for three years.
Toyota Group whole sales quantities are 7403 thousands increase 28.2% including Toyota, Lexus, Daihatsu, Hino motor in global market in January to September. Toyota brand also explosive marked 20% rate of increase.
In the same period last year, the sales volume declined 1.9% in recession EU area, still in the black.
The company is hard to comprehend that only Korean market which has domestic 1400 thousand, import 150 thousand they record large deficit. 
Meanwhile, Audi 30.6%, BMW 15.8%, Mercedes-benz 20.5%, and Volkswagen 46.7% growth in Korean market. UK Jaquar Landrover, and luxury brand Porsche also 60%, 34.5% rise. Toyota motor is difficult to understand that some European cars including German one keep a steep rise.
In other Markets, Toyota cars catch popularity on account of hybrid model, high fuel efficiency and outstanding durability. Only Korean market prefer to European Luxury diesel car. There is no way to target, it makes embarrassing Toyota.
Last year, Toyota contended for victory with president Akio wholehearted support. It failed and withdrew this year. Supply of vehicle is minimized and focused on increasing salesmen’s profits.
This strategy is saving the strength, since they can not stand against European diesel models.
The company thinks that it is time to re-attack to Korean market when the fourth generation Prius releases in 2015.
The new Prius installed new hybrid system; the fuel mileage reaches 40km per liter (JC08 mode).
For improvement of fuel efficiency, Toyota reinforced and miniaturized hybrid system such as an electric motor and battery.
The new hybrid system will be gradually equipped starting Prius to most of main models.
They expect that popularity of German diesel model let up that time. If a strong hybrid car joins, they are able to have a chance of success.
As Toyota and Toyota salesmen wish, the market gives attention whether make use of sales strategy.

By Lee Sangwon.
(Translate by Lee Yeseul)

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