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Benz E Class, Beating Its Rivalry BMW 5 Series, Re-modelling for the 1st Qtr 2016 Showdown
Teddi Kim  |  teddikim@naver.com
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승인 2015.07.25  
최초 등록시간 2015.07.25 15:57:10   수정 등록시간 2015.07.28 23:50:43
트위터 페이스북 구글

Mercedes-Benz E Class and BMW 5 series, both representing premium imported cars, have been on rivalry, and consequently Benz E Class won the game.

During the first half of 2015, the new registration of Benz E Class numbered 8,591 units, up 314 units over 8.277 units of BMW 5 series.

Both E Class and 5 series are representative models for Benz and BMW, respectively, and accounts for some 35 to 37 percent of their total sales.

Of 17 models of the E Class, E220 Bluetec was the most popular with 2,115 unit sales, followed by E250 Bluetec 4matic at 1,695 units, hence diesel models enjoying the most popularity.

BMW 5 series also show a bias for diesel model like 520d at 3,596 units.

Audi’s competitive model A6, that was newly introduced early this year, registered 1,463 units in sales, of which the diesel model A6 35 TDI accounted for the half.

In the meantime, Mercedes Benz is planning to introduce a full change model of the E Class early next year in order to get a firm superiority in the segment.

The new E Class was recently revealed to the global Benz dealers to receive a eulogy, and on July 8th its prototype was unveiled on the official web site of Mercedes Benz, attracting people’s special attention.

The 5th generation E Class to be evolved from the existing 4th generation is to be shown off at the Detroit or Geneva motor show in the beginning 2016.

The new E Class will be of a softer design, and also equipped with an innovative design and technologies, overwhelming the upper S Class.

In order to compete with the Benz E Class, BMW is planning to show off a full-changed 5 series in the 1st half next year, and so both rivalry is expected to get fiercer.

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