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Enforcement on Range Rover Evoque to Recall without Any Penalty
Teddi Kim  |  teddikim@naver.com
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승인 2015.07.25  
최초 등록시간 2015.07.25 14:52:30   수정 등록시간 2015.07.28 23:49:15
트위터 페이스북 구글

UK’s luxury SUV brand with a sound popularity here in Korea, Land Rover’s Range Rover Evoque was ordered by the Ministry of Environment to halt its sales.

The Evoque did not pass a random test on emissions, exceeding the certified figure on NOx 0.08g/km, and so the model was enforcedly suspended for sales in the market.

Those subject to the order comprise 1,500 units of Range Rover Evoque. Only during the first half of this year, 803 Evoques were newly registered.

The MOE is giving a test in emissions of new models at random before being released in the market, and in case of excessive emissions over the certified figures the halt order is enforced to the subject model.

The maker is then required to submit a plan how to fix the faults of the subject model, and then the MOE orders a recall when the plan is viable.

But even though relevant requirements are not met by the maker, any penalty is not imposed, unlike the case for the nonconformity of self-certification.

When the maker is unable to take any measures to repair the faults or find the reasons, however, some harsher procedures may be imposed, such like revoking the certification, or indicting the maker.

As such is the ruling, JLR Korea will submit an amendment plan for the Range Rover Evoque to the MOE.

An officer at the MOE said “Considering the subject cars are already on the roads, the government is to take relevant measures as soon as possible.”

In the meanwhile, JLR Korea is going to release a new model of Ranger Rover Evoque that complies with the EURO 6 standard in August at the earliest.

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