Refurbished Seoul Motor Show 2015
Refurbished Seoul Motor Show 2015
  • Teddi Kim
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- Lamborghini, Detroit Electric, China Sunlong Bus Join for the First Time

2015 Seoul Motor Show slated to open in early April will draw public attention as a lot of auto makers will take part in the show, including super cars, Chinese electric cars and buses not seen before in the arena.

According to the Organizing Committee of Seoul Motor Show, the 2015 Seoul Motor Show to be held during April 2 through 12 at KINTEX will be joined by 140 OEM and parts manufacturers from eight countries.

This year, participating companies and exhibit vehicles are quite diversified, and total exhibition area is also expanded by 11,000㎡ to 91,000㎡, providing more convenient and diversified shows and events.

In the show, five local makers and all import brands, except for Volvo, Fiat, Chrysler, and Ferrari, will present a variety of new models to the visitors.

Especially, Italian super car Lamborghini will join for the first time, and in company with Maserati, Rolls Royce, and Bentley will draw visitors’ eyes, while a U.S. electric car maker Detroit Electric is to join in competition with BMW i3, Nissan Leaf, and EV-modifiers Power Plaza, and Cony in the eco-car sector.

The top super car company Lamborghini is firstly participating the motor show since its first appearance at the 2007 domestic-import coalition show.

Besides that, a booming Chinese Sunlong Bus is planning to join firstly the show, and a global maintenance programmer Audatex will be present for the first time in the show.

In the meantime, Hyundai Motor will show newly developed models, like Tucson and H350 minivan, and a lot of local and import car makers are to release some World or Asia premieres.

A representative at the Organizing Committee said “The Seoul Motor Show with a theme of ‘experience the technology, feel the artistry’ will show up all the gamut of auto-related brand-new products and technologies, comprising passenger cars, commercial vehicles, auto parts and accessories, as well as IT technologies, taking it up a notch.”

In the meantime, 2,000 delegates at the 2015 ICLEI World Congress to be organized by Seoul metropolitan government during the period are expected to visit the Seoul Motor Show, and supplier delegations from Colombia, Mexico, etc. as well as media reporters from China, Thailand, etc. are invited by the Organizing Committee.

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