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Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati, Sales up 251% in 2014
Teddi Kim  |  teddikim@naver.com
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승인 2015.02.08  
최초 등록시간 2015.02.08 07:50:53   수정 등록시간 2015.02.10 12:43:50
트위터 페이스북 구글

Italian super cars, priced at several hundred million won, have been kept in curiosity on their sales in Korea, but their sharp increases last year were confirmed recently. As the sales account for just several tens a year, the importers have been kept the buyers’ information confidential, but the new registration data illustrate the fact.

According to the new registration of imported cars as released by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, luxury sports cars at extravagant prices enjoyed a sharp growth last year. The staple of the sales hike was Maserati Ghibli equipped with 3.0 liter engines.

As the MOLIT’s data do not identify official or parallel imports, the exact number can not be confirmed by import source. But as the grey imports are negligible due to the extravagant prices, the official importers’ sales seem to be near to the equal.

Based on that, Maserati, Ferrari, and Lamborghini registered a total of 383 units in 2014, which is up 251% from 109 units in the previous year, leading the growth of luxury sports car market in Korea.

Ferrari, represented by FMK in Korea, sold 56 units, down from 77 units in 2013. Maserati as being imported by the same dealer  jumped to 304 units from 12 units in 2013.  285 units, or 93.7% of their sales are of Ghibli. Maserati is enjoying an explosive growth in Korea, registering the 10th largest market in the world. President Asia Pacific, Umberto Mariachini, visiting Korea last July said “Korea is the core market for the global expansion of Maserati.”

Lamborghini Seoul, in the meantime, sold 23 units last year. While they expected a rise to 30 units, actual registration was slackened due to insufficient supply from the head office.


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