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German Media's Reactions toward Audi-VW's Halt in Korea
Teddi Kim  |  teddikim@naver.com
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승인 2016.08.15  
최초 등록시간 2016.08.15 14:22:28   수정 등록시간 2016.08.16 15:22:09
트위터 페이스북 구글

It is strangely quiet on the side of German government as well as German media toward the Korean Ministry of Environment’s order to halt sales of Audis and VWs in Korea, and also to Korean prosecutor’s investigation.

Berlin Morning Post just released a report with a title ‘Korea again cancelled certification of 32 VW models,’ adding Audis and Bentlys being included in the affected list.

The Post reported that VW had submitted counterfeit documents for certification of emissions and noises, causing excessive numbers in conformity tests, and so sales were halted in Korea.

And it said that Korean MOE imposed a penalty of 1.43 million euro, or 17.8 billion won, against the VW group.

Beforehand, VW voluntarily halted sales of most car models in July, that has worsened the dealers and customers’ uncertainties, it added.

It also mentioned that Korea is the second largest market in Asia for diesel vehicles, and consequently VW has been suffering a big slide during the 1st half, registering 12,463 units.

Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung also reported that the Korean government’s investigation resulted in a halt of 80 VW model sales in Korea, cancelling certification of 83K Audis and Bentleys.

The newspaper reported about faked documents regarding emission and noise tests, adding that VW voluntarily suspended their sales of 80 models in Korea since July.

Handelsbratt released a report with a title ‘In Korea, Most VW Models Were Halted,’ depicting that Korean government no longer permit sales of 32 VW models in Korea, which would also affect some Audis and Bentleys.

It added that VW will face additional penalty due to manipulation of emissions and counterfeit documents.

The media reported that VW may consider any legal actions agaist the punishment, and several months will be required for re-certifying all the variants of the 80 models.

‘It usually takes some three months for certification. When VW request re-certification, it may take longer time because of thorough tests and examinations, the Korean MOE representative said.’ Handelsbratt added.

Korea is comparatively a small market, but Audi and Bentley have good popularity there, and Korea has a strict regulations of certification, it reported.

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